Stuart's Window Cleaning Services

We are a professional window cleaning company that very much focuses on customer service so you will always have a smiling enthusiastic cleaner that's determined to do a great job and we keep our prices as low as possible. We also believe that local is best.

We use a powerful trade specific carpet cleaning machine to ensure carpets are left looking fresh, the detergent used will also leave a fresh smell, which will make any room feel a lot cleaner & relaxing. We use trade standard detergents which have a powerful yet safe amount of power.

Once the carpet has been cleaned it will be left slightly damp but will dry within a couple of hours maximum due to the power of the machine, during this time we suggest to avoid walking on it as you may slip, although walking in bare feet should be ok as long as you take care especially on stairs. The machines are safety checked and well maintained in order to give the best results.