Oriental Rug Cleaning by Deep Clean

Deep Clean has been specializing in rug and carpet cleaning and repair for over 17 years. We are constantly updating our technology, training our staff and looking for ways to perfect the cleaning process. So far, the results have been only positive and Deep Clean continues to thrive and gain the trust of rug and carpet owners across the whole area of London.

Part of our success can be attributed to the company’s understanding of how precious a hand-made rug is for the owner. Since the founder of Deep Clean grew up in a family of Persian rug-makers, the culture of taking care of one’s household items is embedded into the company. We understand that cleaning is not just about making the item look clean; it needs to be spotless from the inside, clear of any germs and deep stains and repaired to the highest standards. After all, a beautiful, clean rug is a staple piece for any home and prized possession for many owners.